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Did you know you have over 43 muscles in your face?

The facial muscles that control our facial expressions are delicate, small, fine and flat. Naturally, we move our facial muscles unconsciously throughout the day. When the same movement is repeated over and over, the skin begins to form lines, indentations and wrinkles.

Face yoga helps to make us aware of our daily "bad" habits and teaches us how to correct the muscle movements and relax the muscles in order to soften, decrease or even vanish wrinkles. Face yoga is a natural way to support and strengthen the skin which makes us look younger.

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Why Face Yoga?


Exercising your facial muscles improves blood circulation to your face. More nutrients can reach the skin and stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin, which are essential for making your skin firm and tight again.


Face Yoga is 100% natural. It's just like exercising your muscles at the gym. You can achieve a youthful vibrant look and slow down aging without painful surgery, without expensive creams and serums.


Face yoga will give you results, even for the busiest people. It's flexible and requires little time, you can practice it 5 -10 minutes a day while doing other things like cooking, driving and working at the computer.