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Veronica Wong

Certified Face Yoga Instructor

I am Veronica Wong, welcome to Forever Young Face Yoga. I can help you to feel proud of yourself and refresh your face in a natural way. I am here to make you look more radiant, joyful and feel confident.

Face yoga uses conventional approaches – muscle exercises, stretching and visualization – to naturally tighten, tone and brighten your face.

I know from personal experience, in 2012 I suffered from Multiple Chemical Sensitives (MCS). I was unable to use my usual facial products. My face burned when in contact with chemicals or even natural products for over three years.

Fortunately, I recovered from MCS using a modality called FastEFT in the end of 2015. However, the skin in my face and neck showed signs of sagging due to lack of maintenance and aging. I had droopy eyes and a double chin. I had tried doing some facial exercises before, but it didn’t work. It made my eyes even more droopier. I was considering trying Thermage and Ultherapy procedures. But some reviews mentioned it would melt away the fat under the skin if not done properly. I did not want to take the chance. Then I tried face yoga and soon discovered that it works. I could see the change even after only a month. The result is safe and even faster than Thermage which some reports states that sometime you see result after six months.

After practicing facial exercises for several weeks, people started noticing my results. They said I looked younger and more radiant, and wanted to learn how to tone their faces too.

I would love to share this powerful technique with you that restored my face and my confidence.


About Veronica Wong

Veronica has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and was certified as a face & body yoga teacher in 2017. She's also a certified Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) Provider and FasterEFT practitioner. She graduated from Schulich school of Business from York University with major in Finance. She worked in the Financial industry for 20 years. She always loves to take care of her face & skin naturally and took esthetic courses in 2008 and was a certified esthetician.

In 2012 she suffered from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and was not able to take care of her skin. When she recovered from MCS she noticed a lack of confidence in herself and experienced fear of aging. She was not comfortable looking in the mirror or of taking pictures. At one point she thought about invasive procedures but was apprehensive and fearful of not getting the desired result and of the pain accompanying such procedures. Then she chose to practice face yoga and after only a month she noticed changes in her own face and skin.

At the age of 56, she is very comfortable not wearing make up and has a forever young, timeless, glowing natural beauty. The more she practices face yoga, the less make up on her face.



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