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Face Yoga is an all natural way to refresh and renew your face. If you want to make 5 to 10 years vanish from your face naturally, I can teach you how!

I offer custom packages to suit your individual needs. Investing in yourself is easy with Face Yoga because once you learn the basic exercises, you can do them on your own for the rest of your life! I can teach you one on one for a powerful session suited specifically to your facial musculature. For those wanting to try it out I offer Workshops – learning with a group is fun and cost effective way to look younger now!

Individual Session

This option is for an individual custom tailored session. You can choose to work with me one on one in person or via Skype. The focus is the specific areas that you would like to target and improve. After each session you will receive a description of the exercises you have chosen.

Group Session

This is a great option for those wanting more cost effective way to get started on improving your face now. Learning in a group setting is fun too! You will participate within a maximum group of 10 people. This allows me to give attention to everyone in the class and make sure that everyone is doing the poses correctly.
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Neck & Jawline Workshop

In this 4-week workshops you will learn the exercises that you can practice for as little as 5 – 10 minutes a day to create a more define neck & jawline and V-shape face.
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Workshops on request

I arrange face yoga workshops for individuals or companies. Please contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation session to discuss your goals.
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