What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is an all-natural anti-aging practice involves exercising your face muscles just as you would your body to look younger and feel healthier. Face yoga uniquely focuses on targeting, strengthening and firming the musculature of the face. It works by combining exercise and mindful breathing to make the muscle more resilient to gravity. Exercising these muscles helps increase blood circulation to the skin, which reduces facial wrinkles, naturally tightens the skin and brightens your face, creates a more symmetrical face, decreases stress, increases confidence and more.

Face Yoga is designed for anyone who wants to improve their confidence and health from the inside out and do so naturally. It is different from getting a treatment at a doctor’s office or getting injections or Botox, face Yoga gives power back to you. You are the practitioner because you do the exercises. And as a result, you see the changes, not only physically but mentally.

Face yoga also helps you to change your daily “bad” habits that created lines and wrinkles in the first place. It teaches you how to use your facial muscles properly and gives you more self awareness of your facial expressions, which helps you learn to relax the areas that cause tension.

Face yoga can practice anywhere, anytime like cooking, doing dishes, driving a car, watch TV or even in the bathroom.

You will feel more self-control, self-acceptance, and self-love by simply starting to just move your face muscles.

What does the Face Yoga solve?


- Sagging skin

- Sagging jawline

- Nasolabial fold


- Forehead wrinkles

- Crow’s feet

- Face Shape


- Droopy eyes

- Asymmetrical eyes

- Asymmetrical face


- Gummy smile

- Thin lips

- Double chin

How does it work?

Face Yoga uses conventional approaches, muscle exercises, stretching and visualization to naturally tighten, tone and brighten your face. It does so by

  • Promoting Better Circulation

    Moving the face promotes better circulation, which is the key to keep and increase skin metabolism.

  • Increasing Oxygen & Nutrient Supply

    Better circulation increases oxygen flow and makes it easier for nutrients to reach the top layer of the skin.

  • Speeding Up Skin Turnover

    With proper nutrients, turnover speeds up and the result is more radiant, softer, beautiful looking skin.

  • Regaining Skin’s Elasticity and Firmness

    Therefore, you look Five to Ten years younger!


Benefits of doing Face Yoga

Exercise causes oxygen to travel throughout body and brain, causing you to feel clear and relaxed. There are both mental and physical benefits.

– More self-control, self confidence, self love and confidence in speech
– Improved complexion due to better circulation
– Higher, more defined cheeks
– Plumper, more defined lips
– Bigger, wide-open eyes
– Less droopy eyelids
– More symmetrical face
– Reduced forehead lines
– Uplifted corners of the mouth
– Reduced lines along sides of the mouth (nasolabial folds)
– Reduced double chin
– More defined face line
– Reduced crow’s feet
– Reduced puffiness under the eyes
– Reduced dark circles under the eyes
– Reduced lines under the eyes
– Reduced puffiness on the face
– More even skin tone
– Smoother skin
– Reduced frown lines
– Reduced lines on the entire face
– Firmer, more youthful looking face
– More symmetrical face

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